Nestled within the vibrant confines of Paris' 9th district lies the iconic Pigalle Duperré basketball court, a testament to the power of sports and community. This unique and colorful court has transcended its athletic purpose, becoming a central gathering place that unites residents, athletes, and visitors in a celebration of passion, creativity, and community.

The basketball court sits between two apartment blocks on Rue Duperré, and 2023 marks the 14th anniversary since the first court design saw the light of day. What used to be a parking lot now boasts radiant colors thanks to the initiative of the Pigalle Youth, Pigalle Paris and Stepané Ashpool, Nike and Ill Studio.

We, at Gaston Luga, have been developing, designing, and putting the final touches on the next generation urban sports bag for the past three years. With design and purpose support from Lionel Mokuba at Pigalle Basketball, we have made sure not to leave any stone unturned in the pursuit of designing the perfect utility sports bag for basketball players and others worldwide.

Designed with the intent of blending in with any urban city environment and housing all the required sports accessories, we now proudly launch our first homage design to Pigalle Duperré—the community that pulses through its veins—and, above all, the clear love for basketball that we all share.

We present to you “Päris”.

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